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GMOs in food and increase incidence?

I cannot say for certain that eating food that is genetically modified causes crohns, probably not directly otherwise everyone would have crohns. BUT, I do believe GMO's put in foods can cause the body to react in a certain way that can bring out these diseases in people that are already vulnerable.

It has already been found and proven that GMO's have a huge impact on kids regarding allergic reactions. There was a study done, I cannot remember where I read it, you can google it. They did a study on these kids who were very allergic to certain things ( one kid was allergic to corn, the other peanuts, and some were allergic to milk etc..). well they took these kids off ALL processed foods and fed them ONLY organic foods. They also removed the food the child was allergic to as well. They kept this group of kids on ONLY organic foods for a time period, I think it was like almost a year. Well after that year they introduced the foods each child was allergic to ( but the it was Organic and NO GMO's), and the kid was able to tolerate the food just fine! The GMO's in foods the kids were eating were what was causing them to have these allergic type reactions to certain foods. Once they took out the GMO's from their diets, their bodies went back to normal and stabilized and they were ok. You would have to google it and see if you can come up with the article. I read this a couple years ago.

I do think a lot of what we eat has a lot to do with all the different diseases that seem to be rising. I mean I stopped eating meats that are raised with hormones and stuff. I eat only organic meats that have nothing added to them. Same with vegetables, only Organic for most of them.

So to answer your question, I think there are many reasons for the uprise in crohns and other diseases, but I think it more complex than just saying food with GMO's are the only cause. I think there is a lot of reasons ( medications, environment, pollution, viruses and bacteria that have evolved and become very virulent and aggressive). I just watched on the news today that they just found out that over 45 % of people with severe back pain, it was found that it is caused by a bacteria!! But GMO's definitely do play a crucial part in all these issues and allergies we are seeing kids with more and more. When I was young you barely EVER seen a kid who was dealthy allergic to a peanuts or foods. Sure you may have had the rare case, but now it is out of control. My husband is a teacher and he said in the last 10 years it has skyrocketed! He said when he first was teaching he would "maybe" have 1 kid that had an allergy in his class. Now he has like 12!!!! So yeah, something is going on there...

I am wondering if you all believe that GMOs are causing more cases of Crohns, et al?



We do not require labeling in our country and my symptoms have gotten so much worse since this was allowed. However, no one else in my family has it.

I do believe these reports and they scare me and I wonder why other countries require labeling.