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Going for flex sig in 1 hour

I've got a J-pouch (even though it's not hooked up) and am having my every
2-year flexible sigmoidoscopy today. I just did a Fleets enema to clear the mucus, as instructed, and I am in SO much pain. I did not expect this at all and I am seriously freaking out. No bleeding, so I can't imagine what is going on. Guess I'll find out in a few hours... Still, I'm freaking out.


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sorry to hear of your discomfort and suffering.
Hope it all settles down very quickly
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
All is okay. Some inflammation, but no suspicious areas. :)

Doc said it was not unusual to have a lot of pain when your butt hasn't been used at all for 2 years. I thought the enema was bad----the flex sig was excruciating!! I had one when I still had a colon, was in a flare, and that one still didn't hurt like the one I had today! Not looking forward to the next one. Glad I've got another 2 years before that.


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I'm so sorry that was so painful. Can they offer you sedation next time? I know, it's not needed because you will only experience mild discomfort. HA!
Glad it's over. Take care of your self.
I was offered sedation for the next one. It really caught me off guard today... just the digital exam had me tearing up. Years worth of rectal exams and proctoscopes and this thing today was beyond anything I've ever experienced.

And trust me, I'm no wimp!


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Believe me...I trust you.

When I was diagnosed the pediatric GI said "some mild discomfort". HA! I chalk it up to severe inflammation.
My very first trip to see a specialist and I got scoped. Needless to say that touch off many years of anxiety. Lol
Oh, and I did have bleeding..a lot of it. No biopsies taken. It finally stopping about an hour ago. This was definitely a learning experience for me.


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So good to hear that there are no suspicious areas. :):):)

But so sorry to hear it was so painful! :(

I hope you never have to experience that sort of pain again hun. :ghug:

Also good to hear the bleeding has stopped and I hope the recovery continues to go well. Good Luck!

Dusty. xxx