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Going on holidays with low WBC

hey all I just got bloods back today with wbc 2.7. I have to have routine bloods every two weeks because my TPMT level is low for 6mp. Anyway I am concerned about the wbc being low as i am going to spain for 10 days. Also by GI did say that if my wbc dropped id have to come off 6mp :( any of you have any advice
If you go, make sure you have really good travel insurance. Not sure how WBC are done, but I know it means you are likely at a high risk of infection. Not a great idea when going to a foreign place. Lots of bugs there that your body isn't familiar with.

If you are able to postpone, it might be worth considering.

Lady Organic

Staff member
I would not worry too much. Your GI will yes want to dimisnish your 6-mp and the WBC will stabilize fast. What is your dosage of 6-mp? 50 or 75 mg/day? Sometimes GI orders a few days off the 6-mp to return to new lower dosage after and monitor how it goes. I have had a lot of issues myself with low WBC reports and unfortunately I cant do no more than 25mg/day now. We are trying final call with 25mg/day x 5 days and 50mg/day x 2 days. Hopefully this will be enough to keep me in remission. 25mg/day was not enough.