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Going on vacation


Fellow ostomites! I'm going camping (well, not really camping as we have a 35' RV) in less than a month and I'm concerned about what to take to take care of Oscar. I've ordered some liners for my bag from Colo-Majic and was pondering taking them with me, but then I got to thinking that that might not be such a good idea since I don't know what to expect with them.

Here are my concerns:

1. Is it safe to flush the liners in the RV's toilet?
2. Will they break down enough so we can empty the tank?
3. If I can't flush them, how to dispose of them without trucking across the campground to the garbage a few times a day.

And, non-liner related:
1. How many supplies to bring.
2. What other things to bring to make life easier (ie. extra water if I wind up having to clean my bags out rather than using the liners)
3. Wondering if I should just get over myself and use the facilities at the camp to change my bags.

I'm sure I'll think of other things to worry about...lol Any input would be greatly appreciated :)


New York, USA
Concerns -
Regarding #3 - I would maybe buy a small covered trash can- and bags for it - double-line it and use that. This way you could maybe have a couple days worth in there before having to truck across the campground.....

#1 and 2 I'm not sure about - not sure I would trust the RV facilities to handle it without clogging!

Non-liner related -

#1 - I would bring half-again as many supplies as I thought I needed.....2 day trip bring enough for 3 etc.....

#2 - yep -extra water, to cut cost I would even just get a couple of milk jugs, rinse them out really well and use them filled with tap water.

#3 - That depends on how comfortable you are with it - not sure how public they are too -

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Hey Cindy, so glad you are braving the camping route! LOL. As for wipes non are flushable, even if they say they are. One good tip go to the Dollar store they have a small box of poop and scoop little bags, they are black so no one can see and they have handles to carry and tie up. No one will see, fits in your pocket. :thumleft: We use them at home, other women's things are great for them too. Take extra under clothing, ya just cant have enough. Have a wonderful and relaxing trip. When and where are you going? :ybiggrin:


Thanks for the replies guys...good tips!!

Pen, we're going July 8 - 13, near Turkey Point (by London, Ontario). I can't wait!

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Never been there, I usually went North when I was in the GTA... and had a cottage, with a flushing toilet! I used to rough it, but too old for that crap now lol...pardon the pun! LOL Hopefully you have great weather!!!! Who is all going?


Just Dave and I are going. It's going be nice to get away from the kids for 5 days! lol

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Ha, we are going south (to us) Elliot Lake, end of summer, my mom's 75th bd celebration and bring my daughter back up to go back to University. It will be nice to get away from the dogs, I love them but I am with them every day! It is a holiday for me ;).


Can't give you any packing advice, Cindy, but just wanted to tell you to have a great, relaxing, wonderful vacation!!!

- Amy