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Going the Ensure Only Route?

Food in general has been a problem for me lately. Any kind of food except liquid seems to go right by two pretty painful spots but liquid seems to go through pretty well.

I got clearance from my doctor that I can do a modified liquid only type of diet. I can't seem to put food through me that doesn't give me pain...even the gluten free stuff gives me trouble. I know I won't starve to death since I'm already about 40lbs (ok 50lbs) overweight. I would really like to go ahead and give my digestive system a good rest. I know that Ensures go down just fine, so I'm actually looking forward to the "rest"

My question is, how many Ensures a day will keep me in good health? I already take a daily vitamin. Should I be supplementing with any other vitamins and minerals? I drink 1 cup of black coffee in the morning and about four 16.9 bottles of water during the day. Applesauce and mashed potatoes go down pretty well too, but I'll skip them if I have to. I haven't been very hungry lately.

I know that someone on here has done an Ensure only diet.. but I can't find where that thread is and if I recall, it didn't mention how many Ensures per day or what was consumed along with the Ensures.

Thanks much in advance!!!!
Hello slightly silly,
I have done an elemental diet for about four months with three attempts to start eating. I recently posted that I had failed at an elemental diet, however I went back on it while I waited for some tests and when I resumed eating this last time I did not relapse--yay!!

So, first of all-- decide on a minimum time that you will do this for to make it worth the effort. Most of the research recommends nine days to three weeks to get remission. However most people relapse when they resume eating, so following a LOFFLEX diet (Low fat, Low fibre, partial elimination diet) or a full elimination diet when you return to eating is a good idea.

As to how much of the elemental liquid you need --it is best if you work with a dietician as he/she can calculate your caloric needs and nutritional needs (vitamin and mineral supplements). If you are going to do this for a short period of time, you could simply look up your BMI and the calories needed to maintain it and consume the appropriate caloric amount of the formula. However, if you are going to be on it for awhile, you need to be monitored more closely to be sure that you don't become malnourished.

I speak from experience-- I developed a problem with my eyes (which is thankfully resolving) from becoming anemic--so do be vigilant about monitoring your nutritional status.

I started my elemental diet with Ensure, but I found that I could not tolerate it. I ended up using VivonexPlus.

Good luck. May all go well for you on this diet.
I thought ensure was a meal replacement so the average person is to have 3. I think it depends on each individual.... I agree... your GI should have hooked you up with a dietician. All depends if you are wanting to maintain your weight, lose weight or gain weight..
Im on a liquid diet and she is leaving me to my own devices until the 11th of May - drink as much liquid as I like... but I need to keep a 4 day daily record. I think then she will help more with the nutritional requirements. I drink mostly carnation anytime (same nutrition) I also make smoothies paying particular attention to protein... peanut butter incl. with banana, etc. Good luck I notice some difference but I also notice I am more fatigued (didnt think that was possible)

heres an option :
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When I was on a liquid diet, my GI told me to drink 3 Ensures a day. I drank a lot of water, and pedialyte when I felt dehydrated. When I could tolerate more I had pureed soups, chicken broth, or runny mashed potatoes.

I believe each Ensure is 25% of your daily vitamins, but a multi couldn't hurt. I did lose about 15 pounds in a month, but I am overweight to begin with.

I'm thinking about going back on Ensure until Remicade gets approved (grumble grumble insurance people). Maybe it would help again.

Let us know how it goes for you.
Hi Maura, good luck with the liquid diet. I know that my son was on 4 ensures a day. he was at the time, 17 and weighed in at 111 lbs, very tiny skinny kiddo.
I did puree drinks also, banana, rice milk, ice cubes and made shakes for him. can you tolerate coconut milk or rice milk supplements? there are alot of good healthy items now in the vitamin shops that you can use. how about looking up smoothie recipes and then adjusting them to ur particular needs ?? just a thought.

best wishes on ur road to wellness hun :)

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I have to use the powdered Ensure, as the liquid one has slightly different ingredients that give me terrible diarrhea. Some kind of different milk-derived ingredient, if I recall correctly.


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Hi, Captain,

yes, many of us have issues with liquid diets, but I'm so pleased you have luck with the powdered Ensure. I could tolerate the liquid one either. I'm on Vital 1.5 now and still dash to the loo loads, lol.