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Going to concerts with a stoma?

Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you have gone to any concerts whilst having a bag? Obviously I mean standing not sitting :)

Can you imagine a bag leak in a mosh pit?! Yikes! Haha
I'm planning on going to a Florence and the Machine show. It's outdoor and general admission. It'll be my first concert experience with the bag. I'm excited and nervous, I want to be at the front, but I really don't want to spring a leak, or have it get knocked loose.
I went and saw Prince a few months after my surgery. Granted, I wasn't in a mosh pit, but we were up dancing for the whole concert (1.5 hours). Afterwards, we went to a club where Prince was going to be performing for a smaller crowd, and I came home at 4am without any problems from my bag.

I changed my appliance the morning of the concert, made sure everything was snug and drank lots of water that day. I also ate smaller meals with low fibre.

Two weeks from now, I'm planning to go to a 3-day music festival...I'm hoping that things will go great!

I hope you'll go to the concert---I'm sure you'll have a grand time!

Yeah, I went to one on Saturday. The only trouble I had was lack of toilet paper in the ladies and my stoma hurt from so much screaming :(

I just joined the forum last week so I'm still very new to this and this is actually the first post I have replied to. I'm not sure I have much to offer in the way of advice, as I don't have a stoma. In all honesty, this is the first time I've even heard the term "stoma' -- I assume that's a bag?

Your post caught my eye because I'm a music journalist. I was diagnosed with Crohn's five years ago now. Since then, I've had ups and downs but in the last year and change, my flare-ups have definitely increased. Consequently, I'm not as social as I used to be. Because of my work, I get on the list for lots of shows and events. That's great -- except that I am missing more and more of them. Last week was a record. Three of my favorite artists all had shows in NYC. I managed to get on all three lists and missed all three shows. By the third one, I just felt like I'd had the wind knocked out of me and that the universe was playing a cruel joke on me.

I hope you can make it to the show and that you enjoy it. I'd also be curious to hear what you feel are the pros and cons of having a bag. And for what it's worth, it's nice to hear about people who are still able to lead full lives with this condition, whether that involves going to concerts or something else.


I think having a bag makes it EASIER to enjoy the mosh pit and all other things that go with concerts. (except no loo rool Michelle...bummer)

Just tape that puppy up with Tegaderm. Like if you were going to go swimming. And ROCK ON!!!! :headbang:


I'm with Misty...tape that sucker up and rock on! I had my stoma kicked full on by my five year old and Oscar survived (bled like a bugger and had a lovely bruise, but it wasn't that bad)...so I'm thinking a mosh pit would be doable! Have a great time!!
Has anyone tried getting into the Special Seating areas at outdoor shows due to Crohn's or having a stoma?
I've emailed the promoter for the show and just waiting on the reply. I figure it would drop my anxiety levels around being in a crowd and having the bag fail.
Fingers crossed!
I might not be brave enough to try the full on mosh pit, but it seems like others have had positive experiences! I think it might just depend on how "leaky" yours tends to be (sorry for being a little graphic!) as well as how good of a job taping it you feel comfortable doing! I have a feeling that you seem dedicated enough to make it work, though!
I would make sure you are well fed and hydrated several hours before going and and take a dose of loperamide just to make sure everything is slowed up. Personally, I would avoid alcohol completely as I know it comes through me pretty quickly and I would not want a full, watery bag while I was out. Make sure you are completely confident with your bag before going out. Wear an elastic belt and stick on extenders if that helps, but if you have had a stoma for a while you should know what works and what does not. Other than that, go out and have fun!!
My experience was the same as Michelle's, there was no toilet paper in the girls restroom. Other than that I had no problems. Bring a package of wipes in your purse would be my advice. Have fun!!
I forgot to mention: Gatorade! (or something like it). If you're up dancing a lot, you'll need to replace your lost electrolytes ("The Lost Electrolytes" could also be a name of a stoma-packin' band...!). I drank a lot on the day of the concert and the next day, as well.

I've just got word that I qualify for "special seating". And the cool thing is I can go in and out, I'm feeling more and more confident with the bag so I'll probably try to elbow my way to the stage! I can't wait! Just under two months
I've just got word that I qualify for "special seating". And the cool thing is I can go in and out, I'm feeling more and more confident with the bag so I'll probably try to elbow my way to the stage! I can't wait! Just under two months
That's a great tip for other people. :thumright:
Yeah it was surprisingly easy. All I had to do was mention that I would be in a large crowd of people and didn't think too many of those people would be overly thrilled to end up with the contents of my bag on their footwear.
:rof: Way to go!!! I must remember this at my next crowded gathering. I also must use it in self defense!
I actually had thought of this myself; if I were being attacked and could manage to open my bag or even detach it, it would probably get rid of the attacker pretty quickly! :eek2: :rof:
I am not sure if you have one or have heard of them, but my father has a shield for his. Nifty little thing it is, basically its an elastic belt with a shallow saucer/shield looking piece of plastic to put over your bag. He uses it anytime he is playing sports, moving things, etc. He gets a TON of use out of his.


I can't imagine going to a concert or event BEFORE I had my ostomy!! Life is sooooo much easier now, without the unpredictability and urgency. You never know when you'll miss your favorite song!!

A good rule, though, is to have a stash of tissue or paper in your purse or pocket just in case there's no toilet paper!!

Have fun!! - Amy
Just got home from an amazing experience at the Florence and the Machine show in Vancouver. Original plan was to sit in the "special seating" afraid of having my bag explode in the middle of a crowd. Something told me to go down to the front and I'm so happy I did! Ended up hugging the rail the whole show! No problems whatsoever! So happy to hear the music that got me through the my sickness and surgery live!