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Going to see my GI on monday.



Hello all,
I am always in the bathroom everytime I eat. I don't have
crohns/colitis yet. I do have stomach pains cramping, right side pains
etc. I see my GI on monday. What should I ask him? What could this be?
Take Care
Thats awesome that you get to see your GI Monday. Remember to ask about probiotics maybe ask about different meds.

Good luck


Write down as much as you can. When you get symptoms, what foods you ate prior to getting symptoms, what your bowel movements are like (loose, bloody, with mucous???). Write out exactly where you feel symptoms like cramping, bloating or pain, for how long and what severity (use whatever allows you to give a good gauge... a 1-10 score can be useful to compare. As in today I did this and pain was a 3 and last week I did not get much sleep and pain was a 8).

Good luck and if you are prepared with this information things should go well.


How do you know you do not have UC or Crohns yet?

I would ask about all possibilities, try not to just treat symptoms, I know it'll be hard to do that, but honestly most meds just treat symptoms.

Good Luck