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Going to start Cimzia and have not had other drugs such as humira and have been off of drugs. Should I worry about this drug?

I have had crohns since I was 9 and was misdiagnosed for 3 years. I have over the years been just going with it and have not been on meds for a few years now. Im a little concerned on this Cimzia drug especially on my active lifestyle and the side effects (mainly the bad effects like death). Shouldnt I be trying other drugs first. My disease is in bad condition but have not had any surgerys yet. I would like to know from fellow crohns members some info based on yourselves taking cimzia and whats the good and bad behind it please. I start the drug next week and am very nervous trying it. I do not like drugs and believe agaiinst meds but I do wish to conquer my crohns now rather then go with it. Any info would be really appreciated.
I have been on just about every biologic on the market, and cimzia is fine from a side-effect standpoint. I took cimzia right after it was released to the public, and it performed as I needed it to. Only changed from it because of the cost!

I am about to start taking cimzia again or Simponi, as the Humira is losing it's punch. I can honestly say these drugs are what make it possible to have days sometimes weeks at a time when you forget how sick you are, or how life was less stressful when you needn't worry where the nearest toilet is!


The biologics all pretty much have the same side effects. I don't think there is any researching suggesting humira or remicade is better. It's just more widely used.

Crohn's Mom

my daughter has been taking Cimzia for nearly 2 years now,and I can't say that it has ever affected her quality of life. She gets a bit tired the day of her injection, but she just takes it at night and sleeps better :)

Best of luck and I hope it helps you!