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Going to tha doc....

Well, i've been trying to avoid it because i'm seeing the GI next week, but i'm headed to the doc today. My stomach is still very sore, probably a 7/10 on the pain scale, and my back/butt pain are nearly debilitating....i doubt he'll do anything, but i guess we'll see! My worry at this point is partial obstruction, i am having loose bowel movements so it wouldnt be a full obstruction, but with the massive vomitting, yeah, i'm a little concerned. :( I'll keep y'all posted!


Punctuation Impaired
Good luck Pam.....Man I am so frustrated for you. I hope you take someone with you for support and to raise a big stink!

Well, i guess we'll find out if it's for the win....but i guess the latest bout of D and vomitting, paired with the proctitis and inconclusive biopsies, AND the fact that the flagyl/cipro was somewhat effective, made him decide to go for it. He said he doesn't know if the GI is going to like it, but at this point he doesn't care. :) I love my doc! LOL. I know he hasn't been perfect through all this, but he has really been empathetic. He said "i know we haven't found anything conclusive, but with the proctitis, and the symptoms, it just all adds up that you have an IBD of some sort, so we'll try this. You can't stay on it forever, but it's a hint to what's going on"

Yipee. :p I hope i'm not putting too many eggs in a basket hoping sooooo badly this will work....i don't know what i'll do next if it doesn't! So yeah....I'm on 40mg/d right now, and we'll see what the GI says next friday.

Thanks again for all your support everyone, it means the world to me. :)
Brilliant news. Let's hope you feel some improvement really soon... I'll be thinking of you when you're cleaning your kitchen floor with a toothbrush at 3am!

Yay Pam!!! prepare for lots of energy and insomnia!! The house will be really clean :)

I can't believe it has taken so long for anyone to try it! It is plain ridiculous. I mean they hand it out for chest infections and such all the time??!!
LOL Lishy.
I never would have thought i'd be so excited for this.....he was telling me all the side effects, but i'm like, man, i just don't care, i just want to feel better. I'm so done with this all! At least if this works, then i can go to the GI next week and say "we tried this, and it did/didn't work"
Thanks Jeff. :) It feels like a weight was lifted just to have him say "I don't think this is in your head, there's something going on"
Nobody has said it was, but the lack of action made me feel like they thought it.
I'm so glad you finally gave in and went to the Dr. It turned into a good visit for you and got some forward motion. Good luck with the Pred and I hoe you get to feeling better soon! :)
Yeah, my pediatrician before I was dx'd told me it's all in my head because, "a teenager can't get Crohn's". Yeah, that's what he told me. That was before I ever saw my GI and probably the reason I have scar tissue problems now.