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Good books to read about Crohn's Disease or IBD


Does anyone have any good suggestions on books that are good to read, and can help either inform you about your condition or help you control it?

My gastroenterologist actually recently wrote a book called Crohn's & Colitis: Living and Managing IBD. I have only looked through it briefly, but it seems to be a good source of information, especially for someone newly diagnosed and not really sure of anything.

I have also read breaking the vicious cycle by Elaine Gottschall. This book outlines the Simple Carbohydrate Diet. This is a quite restrictive diet, and I think it is best to discuss this with a doctor, dietician or nutritionist before starting it.

Can you recommend any other good books?


The IBD Nutrition Book
Author called Jan Greenwood.

Crohns Disease; Complementary and Western Therapies
Cathy Richards and Dante Morra


Mama Crohnie
One that I recommend is "Coping with Crohn's Disease" by Amy Trachter Psy.D, PH,D although quite costly..it has everything you need to know...well worth it.

For friends that have Ileostomys..another great book by
Graham L. Hill, named "Ileostomy, Surgery, Physiology, and Management" this book certainly helped me along.


Jonny said:
The Maker's Diet
by Jordans Rubin
I have heard a couple ppl mention this one, what is it all about, a little summary would be appreciated..


I've heard about this Makers Diet, although nobody I know has actually tried it. Have you Jonny and has it helped any?


Ahhh i received this book as agift by a german Canadian in Victoria Vancouver Island as a sequel to his last book and was told its full of good stuff.

I have to say i was greatly influenced by Kristin on this so mabye she will post better than me if she gets time as she hasnt a pc and goes to cafes etc.

Its sociated with the Garden of life products if anyone has tried that?


The Maker's Diet includes:

anecdotes of others' journeys back to health by using The Maker's Diet and its lifestyle suggestions
a list the top Maker's foods and why they are important
a prescription for the 40-day diet and lifestyle regimen designed to improve overall health
resources and over 100 delicious recipes to help facilitate one's encounter with the 40-day regimen that can become a way of life-as well as a way to a fuller, healthier life-called "The Maker's Diet."

I have other diets and health plans but this i havent tried out too much as im a pants cook.It avoids all chemical foods and processed foods and dates back to biblical times when the food was fresh as well as the vegs etc.Has alota similaralities to the jewish diet aswell.

If you click the link and look into the parts your interested in im sure your find out what you need


sorry cant help ive just eaten and prayed , i say trial and error by devildee hehe


Currently reading 'Probiotics for Crohn's and Colitis' by Peter Cartwright, seems to be very informative so far.

'Living with Crohn's Disease' by Joan Gomez is good too.


steph said:
The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut
by James Scala, Ph.D.
I'm reading this right now and am LOVING it. I've done the Makers Diet and was working in SCD, but this book seems to have more scientific evendeince and is an easy read - I got it on Monday and today (Tues) I'm more than half done. I plan on implenting alot of what it says. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. AND I got it at the library....I suggest doing that first, see how you like it - any book - make sure you agree with it before you commit to purchase.