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Good Crohn's docs in Houston?

I live in Houston, Texas, well, Baytown, specifically and wondered if anyone would recommend their great Crohn's doctor? I am still seeing my colo-rectal surgeon one year after my operation, and I think I need to see someone who will manage the WHOLE enchilada. Can anyone help me? I have spent the afternoon on the internet and I am more bamboozled! :eek2:


Can you ask your surgeon for a recommendation? Surely they have worked with a bunch of GI's and I assume you trust/like them.
Hi Allison,

I don't know of any good GI's in Houston but at the top of the page - there is a doctor directory and there are some in Houston with some reviews if that helps!

Have a great day!
Thanks NGNG & Ali29. It's just one guy. I don't know, it's weird. I like him and I think he won't ask me to go. I have an old GI who referred the CR surgeon when my butt fell out, and he's done a stricture after that, but I've been sick like 4 years and had several operations, and I kinda feel like no one ever told me I had Crohn's until last December. And I had to ask. And I've been sick as a dog, as I'm sure y'all know what that's like. Darn. I will go to my old GI. He sent me to Baylor when they did my partial gastrectomy. Maybe he will again. I appreciate you both tho.
I'm not so familiar with iPad but it is the Doctor Directory tab at the top of the page next to Chat, Settings, Quick Links etc on the Kindle and PC that I use.