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Good food


Why does food that's so bad for you taste so wonderful... I just had the best pancakes ever and turns out, they aren't so good for me. They sure did taste good.


seems I think the same way. All the damned good stuff. I have always been know as the Desert King of my family and although I havent gained a pount since I was 12 have been able to eat desert until it was all gone. I love ice cream, chocolate, pop, and oh god those stuffed french toasts from IHOP if anybody has had one, they are to die for but unfortunately not allowed that. I can however have pancakes with jam on them. It could be the syrup mike and jam I have found is actually quite good on pancakes. But yes i agree many of the best tasting things out there are now all but gone from my diet :(


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The sugar in things sometimes is the culprit...Even Splenda messes with my guts. I never have noticed a problem with pancakes or waffles. I'm not a heavy syrup user either?


It was sugar free syrup though. I used that for as long as I have had diabetes. Do you think it may have been because I haven't had it in a while?? What about honey? Do you think would have the same effect as syrup?
hi Mike - there's some info on Agave Nectar here... seems it might be good for guts, especially regarding bacteria... http://www.allaboutagave.com/health-benefits-of-agave-nectar.php

it might also be worth considering Manuka honey... well known for centuries for it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties... Manuka comes in various strengths - the medium strength isn't too expensive but the highest quality & strength one is. http://ezinearticles.com/?Manuka-Honey-Benefits&id=2742036


mort20 said:
I don't know why you think that pancake is not that good. Is it the shape? Luckily I'm aware on what's the food that I want to eat just by looking at it because I hate people that force you to eat that food but you know that it's not good.
No it wasn't that they were pancakes. I love them and they were so good but made me sick to my stomach and then later also. I just tried sushi. I love it and it was very good. I hope it also is good afterward also. We'll see. So far, so good.