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Good foods to eat during a flare.

Hi I was diagnosed with crohns in 2009.
I have pretty much been crohns free for a year now.
Im also really iron deficient which I have been told is a sign
that the disease is active as its depleting your iron stores.
I take azathioprine 100mg & pentasa 1g daily.

I feel like a flare is coming on now, its so depressing!
Just mild abdo pain. What foods should I stick to?
Try to bland your diet outta for a while,nothing spicy,oily or fried eat more fish oily is ok for fish,soup with veggies well done or blended,speak to your clinic nurse they may be able to help.i,m on pentasa as we'll if I feel disaster approaching I up my dosage but only after speaking to the clinic,I normally take 4 a day but have went up to 8.good luck