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Good juicer recipes needed!

My husband bought me a juicer!! I should get it tomorrow, I'm going to go buy some fruits and veggies tonight!

Anyone have any good recipes? I tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth, but I need to drastically change my diet. I am finishing my antibiotics today for SIBO, and from everything I've read, it can (and probably will), return. It seems like the only thing I can do is cut out the bacteria's food source. :frown: I am a carb addict.

I still can't do most raw fruits and veggies, everything comes out pretty much the same as it goes in and I don't want to risk an obstruction or something.

I am really excited to start juicing, I need to do something to boost my energy level. It's almost camping/hiking/swimming/biking time here, and I barely have the energy to walk to the mailbox.

Thanks to everyone in advance!


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I got a juicer last summer and I love it! I had a thread about it awhile back, if you do a search you should find quite a few juicer threads with recipes. And hopefully juice is as easy on your tummy as it is on mine. I can't do a lot of fresh fruits or veggies either, but I can do fresh juice easily. It has never upset my tummy even on iffy days! Store-bought juice does upset me, I'm thinking it must be the added sugar or other additives. But fresh juice from my juicer is always safe for me.

I have a sweet tooth too, and I've found that putting an apple into any veggie juice will sweeten it and you'll mostly taste apple. Cherries seem to have a similar effect, you only need a few and it'll turn the juice red and all you'll taste is cherries, regardless of what else is in there! Be wary if you try ginger in your juicer, use a VERY SMALL amount or it'll be so overpowering that you won't be able to drink it! My husband made that mistake, he put some ginger into the juicer, took a swig, and exclaimed, "Ahhh! My throat is burning!" If you want to do ginger, my recommendation is, juice your ginger separately and then add just a little bit to your fruit/veg juice. You can always add more but you can't take it out if it's too much, and it's really easy to do too much ginger!

As far as recipes, a really easy and tasty one for me is to throw some carrots and one apple in the juicer, then add a touch of ginger. It's sweet and spicy and it just tastes like health. It's hard to describe but fresh juice is just so much better than anything store-bought. It's like eating veggies and fruit without the fiber or pain!

I wish you luck with your new purchase! Happy juicing! :)
I've been juicing a lot, and I just started putting what I had (and what I could taking from the dining hall at college) through, adding everything I thought could possibly be juiced. Apples add sweetness to just about anything; it even made kale/spinach juice taste pretty good. Ginger is also great, but definitely add just a little bit at a time.

I was going to suggest carrot/apple/ginger too, Cat--it's so good!
Thanks guys! My husband had a juicer a long time ago, and he's been talking about it forever. He really likes carrot juice. I looked up some recipes, think I'll just go buy some fruits and veggies and start experimenting!

The carrot-apple-ginger was one I ran across a few times, good thing I asked someone here or I would've made them according to recipe-way too much ginger!
You can combine alot of things including vegetables and fruits together. Yes, in the same juice. I like to be creative, so just toss together a few things.
What type of juicer? I'm in love with store brand V8...I can't eat lettuce or kale or spinach but its in the juice and I tolerate it fine and feel soooo great with the vitamin boost. Id like to get a juicer, but I dunno what's good...


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There was a juicer thread sometime in the past year here - not sure if it dealt with recepies or brands of juicers.
We bought a Breville Juice Fountain, it is a 700W. Kind of noisy, but works fantastically! Easy to take apart, clean and put back together, several parts are dishwasher safe but I always hand wash mine.

My husband bought it on Amazon for $99, two days later it was listed at $160! We got lucky!!
Store bought juice tastes nothing like fresh juice made in a quality juicer. Remeber, after 10 minutes or so, the essentials begin to dissipate(just like fruit sitting out after cut). I drink one or two glasses a week. More when flaring.

I became a 'juice bore' some years ago after reading a book by Jason Vale 'Juicemaster' - really inspirational and explains the concept of fresh vegetable juice superbly.