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Good news and small query

Just a little background so u can understand my story... Had surgery in September 2015- right hemicolectomy and illiostemy. Was very ill. Then came dialated loops is my bowels so another surgery took place October 2015. It wants great as the rest of my bowel was inflammed so I was on TPN for 6 months and know that time is over! I have began eating for just over a week and wow I haven't felt like this for 3 years since my symptoms began. The meds I'm on are azathioprine and inflixamab infusion. I'm finally in remission. Hope it stays that way. Also one little problem... I ate green beans last night and the discharge from my stoma was green. Is this normal? Can I expect different colours with other foods? Thanks hope all is well
Hi. I hope you are able to stay in remission. I don't know the answer to your question but there is a section in here for people with stomas and they could probably be of help there.
Was green beans the only thing in your stomach? Cause that wouldn't seem odd if that's the case.
Hello tubes ... I had beef, potatoes and carrots aswell as the green beans. Spoke to the dietician and he said its ok as that was the first time I had tried green beans and my body is just getting used to solids. Thanks for the support
My stoma output can get very green. I had Brussels Sprouts(first time ever and they were yummy) and my output was green. Lettuce causes the green to. Ate tomato soup last night- an hour later it was red. The color changes by what I eat and time of day. It can be green even after not eating anything green. It did take a while for the output to be less "food-like". I think it took a while for my body to start making all the digestive enzymes for the variety of food I was eating.