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Good News/Bad News

So I went to my GI yesterday. And it was one of those good news/bad news sort of deals. Mostly good news though, I'm mostly pleased despite things.

The good news is, she's pretty confident that the Cimzia is working. She thinks that the more Cimz I get, the better I'll start feeling, so even if I feel so-so now, to give it more time. She said if it doesn't work as a monotherapy by the beginning of September that she'll add in another drug. Which is great news, I suppose, if my doctor is confident that I'm on the road to recovery.

Bad news is, she's concerned about the fact that I have a habit of over-exerting myself, and getting sick as a result. She gave me a note to go back to work for the summer now that I'm out of school. But she's concerned about my health if I try to work a lot, in addition to my first semester course load at uni. She told me to consider cutting down my course load to like, 2-3 classes, instead of the five I'm taking. But that's really not an option, if I want to graduate in four years. Which I kinda do, because right now I'm also thinking of aiming for med school or grad school of some kind. And I want to prove that in the future I can handle a full grad course load by handling a full undergrad course load now. So the lesser of two evils, it seems, is to not work during the school year. I know it's lame to complain about quitting my job at the end of the summer, but I'll miss it. Work was really my social outlet during high school, since it was difficult for me to make friends in school. As stressful and crazy as work could be, it'll be hard to say goodbye. But as much as I'd miss it, the more important things to me are my health and my education, I suppose. Oh well. =l

My Butt Hurts

Even though you will miss work at first, I think you find that social craving satisfied in college. Everyone seems nicer in college too, everyone is starting over and it's not so cliquey. Maybe your job will allow you to work on school breaks? Where are you going to go? Are you going to live on campus? How long have you been on the Cimzi? I'm glad it seems to be working for you. God good - be careful how you eat once you get to school! Avoid food induced flares at all costs!
Also, it's possible that you might have to be a full-time student to stay covered under your parent's insurance (I don't remember how that works, but after a certain age I think it matters.)
I would say that you could probably handle 15 credits IF you didn't work too.
It all depends on how youre feeling, I've done 15-16 credits hours and worked 20-25 hours a week.... but definitely really difficult when feeling poorly. My grades would have started to suffer a bit if I hadn't high-tailed it to the doc to get Remicade again.

When I was in my worst shape I held 18 credit hours a week without working, but my grades were pretty bad (2.7 which is bad for me)... I would definitely suggest doing your first semester without work so you can get used to everything (first semester is always the worst) and then if you are feeling up to it maybe throw in work. I also ended up dropping one of my classes to have only 15 credit hours because I was in the Purdue Marching Band which took up my whole life... come to think of it, maybe the band stuff is why I had bad grades, not the flare :)
MBH: I work at Stop and Shop, so it's pretty complicated to come back during breaks, because of union contracts and stuff. I'm commuting to Fairfield Uni; I decided to live at home because I've been flaring over the past several months, and I just don't want to be miserable in a college dorm. I've been on the Cimzia for a little over 6 weeks now, so I've gotten my dose that's supposed to induce remission, even though I still feel little crummy. I am pretty sure I have to be a full-time student to be under my parents' coverage, but I'm not sure...I really ought to find out though, because the last thing I need is for something in that department to conk out on me. I hope what you say about college social life is true though, I'm kind of shy. And I can seem really stand-offish if I'm not feeling well. So I hope all that works out too. :)

Katie Sue: I don't know how you have handled all that. You're a fighter, alright. :) But thanks for the tips. I am currently registered for 17 credit hours; Fairfield U has a pretty rigorous core curriculum, so it really probably would be best if I didn't work, at least for semester one. The first several semester will probably be 17-18 credits each though. =/