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Gosh Darn it!!

Just have to vent a little bit...

So, after separating from my husband in 2008, I have decided to jump back in to the dating world. Bowels have been stable for a few weeks, so I figure now is as good a time as any... I certainly wouldn't have the energy to date if I was flaring. As it is, I work full time now and my spare time is really precious.

So, I've met a few different guys, and really hit it off with one. Great, right? Should be.. BUUUUUUUUUUUT..... this guy, we met once and have talked on the phone 3 times. We made plans last night to meet up again today.... BUT I GOT STOOD UP. I know, I know... it's not that big of a deal. Maybe there is a perfectly good reason he didn't call. Really, though, I am annoyed because who knows how many good days I have left until my next flare. I don't have time for these silly games!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Like.... REALLY. COME ON!!
AW dear, thats a pity his loss though i am sure.

Although maybe he has bowel issues and chickened out/had a flare up just before he was due to meet you.

Good on you anyway for getting back out there

Good news that ya back out there trying an living a normal life

sorry hear about what happened but as they say his loss
jus up n move on too the next guy, don't call him or anything, if he interested he wil chase u an try to make it upto you if not then you havnt wastes anythine waiting or chasing him
those sorts games were for high school, now if people try them I jus up n move on, they get the picture that ya not here tonpkay silly games pretty qwik

good luck


Not sure how old this guy is, but likely too old for this kind of bullsh*t! I sure hope there was a good reason, but the bottom line is, it hurts and makes a girl feel really crappy when guys do stuff like that.

I guess it's all part of jumping back into the dating game. Like dating with Crohn's isn't hard enough!

Hang in there - there will be lots of losers to sort thru before you find a good one - a good one that will stick by you, flares and all!

- Amy
Prob is Amy I've found the women to be just as good at playing these games if not worse

so I just say forget an move on
if they are genuine they will chase u and or call if a reason they can't catch up


It happens many a times wheterh you have illness or not. Best not too care too much. If they have a genuine reason they will call if not then sod them.
I would say that it's a good thing that you found out that he's a loser now before you get seriously involved with him. I took me 5 years of marriage to find this out.


Ha Ha this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo familiar

Hiya Sharon
I'm afraid you have to kiss a load of toads to find your Prince!
It's his loss, the loser, so don't phone him, maybe he fell over and broke his bloody neck!
Did you meet online, it's hard work innit?
I downloaded a brill book called Dating without Drama by Paige Parker
it's only available to buy online, cost me about £5, but it has been my bible, and it gave me the confidence to 'get back out there' with rules and tips, and even tho I'm dating now, I still refer to it now and then about relationships, so I don't make the same mistakes as last time with husband.
good luck Sharon


Rob said:
Prob is Amy I've found the women to be just as good at playing these games if not worse
I didn't mean to imply that it is only men that play games.... I think you are right that women can be worse in many ways!!!
Thanks, guys; your comments have made it easier for me to keep trying instead of giving up completely. :) It's a tough world out there, and this time around I am being picky - I think I deserve to be! Not going to put up with all kinds of junk.