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Got approval for weekly Humira shots.

Saw my Dr. today and finally we have decided to up the humira to weekly shots. I know this will help alot. I always seem to feel better in the beginning of the humira shot week, near the end not so good. once a week might be the thing I need to get rid of these fistula's.

For anyone who went from every other week..to weekly.. how fast did you notice improvements? and did it stay that way weekly too?

thanks in advance.

My fistula cleared up in 2 days in going from every 2 weeks to every 10 days.

If it's going to work it will when upping the dosage to every week.

My fistula would partially clear and then reopen at 10 days.

Everyone is different and your levels of TNF (like mine) may be higher than the norm.

Also, no sde effects or any negatives from going to the new dosage.

Good Luck and keep us informed.
I really think it will help.. I have multiple fistulas. but it seemed that after a week after the humira shot, I got worse all the time, I think weekly will finally tame this beast of a disease.
It took a long time to see real big gains in symptoms, but instead of me going even more downhill each week I'd get a little better until I was back in remission. Been weekly for almost a year now and will be happy to relax it a bit to maybe 10days and see how I go.