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Got scoped, waiting for biopsies

Got scoped yesterday, top and bottom.
It's crazy, but I'm so happy because they SAW something!
Patchy mild inflammation characterized by erythmia in esophagus, all over my stomach, and duodenum. They took biopsies.
At the other end, terminal ileum looked good, but they took biopsies there anyway. Several patchy areas of granular mucosa with erosions, which may indicate aphthous ulcers were found in all areas of colon. Biopsies taken.
Based on this and my ct scan from emergency last week, I've got
-inflamed live
-inflamed spleen
-erosions all over colon

So, I'm still on my very limited soft diet. Waiting on biopsies. And feeling very optimistic that I will have a course of action to follow soon!
In the mean time, I'm not complaining about the 12# I've lost this week, although I do miss chewing food!
I am sorry for all you are going through. Hopefully, they will get you on some medicine to get things under control soon.


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Hello and welcome.I agree with Ron.It's always a relief to get answers.Keep us updated.Your posts will help others in the same situation.