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Gotta butt question!

:cool: Hello friends! Okay, I'm 11 days post ileostomy/abdominoperineal resection/ovaries chopped out, etc. Um, I went to the surgeon 2 days ago to have the last drain pulled at the bottom of my bum (WHAT A RELIEF---I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I WAS TO HAVE THAT STUPID THING OUT). Anyway, I get belly staples and buttcrack sutures removed in 3 days. Did any of you have noticeable lumps and bumps at the suture line in your cracks? There is one spot that my surgeon said that he could "fix" at a later date if I would like him to. He stated that he could numb it up and literally lop it off during an "office procedure." I realize that I'm only 11 days out and still have quite a lot of post op swelling. It feels like a little ball--ew I know it's gross to try to describe--but you of all people know how it is--we talk about our butts and poop and gas with as much ease as "normal" people discuss the weather! LOL! Just wondered if any of you had that issue postoperatively. Doing well I think--fixed Christmas dinner today--and probably should not have done that--but rested for 3 hours afterwards! Merry Christmas to the best and bravest friends in the world! :kiss: Thanks for reading! Hugs and cute bugs, Dana


"about our butts and poop and gas with as much ease as "normal" people discuss the weather!"

No Dana...WE are NORMAL....those folks that talk about the weather are abby normal! (see 'Young Frankenstein')

I think you will have to wait for an answer to this question until the people with this op have recovered from their Christmas dinner.

I am happy to see you have made Christmas dinner! But sweet heart...take it easy! You arent in a race are you? Please, please...take it easy. I dont want your body coming back on you and kicking you the buttocks.
Oh please don't worry! I had some huge swelling on my bum crack and I felt like a complete freak but it's all coming down now. It'll take a while but it will get there, don't worry!! My bum is looking a lot nicer and Nablus 9 and half months post op now. Still aches when I stand still though and I sit on a cushion at work.
Yup, I had what can only be described as a shark's fin sticking out between my cheeks for a few weeks post op. After a few months virtually no trace could be seen! As both Misty and Michelle has said it all takes time to sort itself out! :) Very early days for you at the moment!
LOL GAV--a shark's fin! That is great--much better than my rope with a knot on the top!:banana: Or a banana peel? Thanks, Dana