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Greasy foods and Crohn's Disease

I was naughty tonight and ate kfc. very fatty i know!! but probably 20 mins after id eating i had to go to the tiolet and had a loose BM. and not have a odd feeling tummy is the best to describe it. so i was wondering does this happen to anyone else when they eat fatty greasy foods that they react so fast to certain foods??


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Well, I'm from Kentucky and I wouldn't touch KFC...yuk!! With EJ, it is Mexican food!! We don't go anymore but when we did, he'd never make it out of the restaurant!!
I can react with abdo pain within 5 minutes to some things though i don't normally get d till a couple of hours after (when the offending food comes out). I don't think the kfc could come out that fast, maybe it irritated your digestive system and caused whatever was already in your colon to come out?
Pretty much all solids give me that reaction, pain straight away then urgent need to dash to loo.

Havent had fried food in years though lol.. not too sure how I would react..dont think it would be too good though!

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I know now that KFC is just asking for a bowel obstruction for me! Twice had to figure that one out. All that grease and the chicken just doesn't break down, if you have had a resection it is worse. Many people also don't realize that even french fries become lactose after frying. It is the essentially the only one non dairy food that changes its intollerane after deep frying. Read that some where. If you must eat fries bake them!
thanks everyone!! hmm its funny how we all can have the same thing but soooo many different ways we are affected! lol that will teach me for being lazy and unhealthy!!
i can tolerate everything greasy except kfc, for some reason i just cant handle it?? Maybe thats because it is just THAT bad for you?
Hahaha i can't do greasy and can't do fried. not without paying for it dearly with sitting on the toliet so long my legs go numb haha. If i eat mcdonalds i get the mcgurggles within 5-10mins and I'm on the toliet within 30. Only done this twice now, once while being diagnosed and once the night before colonoscopy right before I started my prep and was getting rid of it in a few hours anyway haha.
i love KFC!!!!!....but have to face the consequences about 15 minutes later --> the mad dash to the bathroom :| oh well....it happens i guess ^^