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Green stool for a week... but not loose?

Hey guys. My disease was slightly on the rocks but has gotten better the past few weeks.

The past week though I have noticed that my stools are green. Sometimes dark, sometimes light. They are not loose at all. Well formed and I have been even dealing with a bit of constipation (dryness).

I go about 1-2 times a day.

I do not think I have been eating greener foods. I have always had about 1 salad a day but the constant green stool has started and won't go away.

Any ideas? Thanks.

PS - I took cortenemas for about 2 weeks and now I take one every few days, along with my APRISO.
The bile that digests fats is bright green, and goes brown as it travels through the gut. Sometimes things going a little faster through the gut leaves the green colour. You may also be a little dehydrated which also can give that effect. Try drinking more to start with. (It does tend to happen with IBD people.) You sound fairly well otherwise.
Take it easy.
Have you started any supplements? Whenever I took Slow FE iron tablets, my output was green. But not with my current iron, so I almost wonder if that is a bad thing...but I've been taking chlorophyll/chlorella lately and that is what mine is from.


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Iron supplements usually cause green stool especially high doses of it. I take 325mg and the only time my stool isn't green is if I have diarrhea.


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grape kool-aid and stuff with other artificial colors can make it green. You have to be having a lot of it though. Like maybe 2 quarts of grape koolaid in a day has done it to me.
I was thinking grape soda or grape juice.

Four hours after drinking either I pass green stools. It only takes me a half can of soda to make it all green for me.
I was diagnosed with Crohns in January of 2000 and I have had 8 inches of my large intestine removed as well as another 19 of the small intestine which ended up up in an illostomy. I have had green stool for about 8 days straight and from what I understand from my doctor has told me that my liver enzymes have been elevated for over a year now and that my gallbladder may also be having some troubles. I'm guesing that that last statement is the cause of the green-stool but Iam unsure. I will answer back after I return from the doctors in a day or two but I have heard that the gallbladder producing too much bile is a likely cause of the greet stool.