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Newb here. It was suggested that I tell my story so here goes. Hope I dont put anyone to sleep. A little over a year ago, I began having very bad stomach pains soon after eating. It got worse and worse over time. I ended up losing about 20 lbs to boot. Finally got so bad that the pain would come along and knock me right off my feet, literally. After being misdiagnosed several times, my doc finally ordered a CT scan. Then I get the call the next morning. "You have several abcess's in your intestine, common to those with crohns." Had no idea what it was, but a colon check confirmed it. Was given some steroids and imuran and told to go live a normal life. A week later I was in the hospital. Had a very bad abcess they said. After a week of iv antibiotics, I was sent on my way again, but was told I would need surgery because of a stricture. Met with the GI surgeon who planned it about two months out. Went back to work, as a police officer mind you, and collapsed one night while on a call. To the hospital again and this time a drain inserted to drain the abcess. Sent home again. The pain from the abcess was unbearable. Got to where I could not function at all because of the pain. The went ahead and moved the surgery up. Was supposed to be laproscopic but during the surgery they had to go all out and open me up. Removed an abcess the size of an orange they said. Recovered for five days, sent home. That night I got so sick, could not even move. Back to the hospital again. Found another abcess that they some how missed. Another drain put in and another 7 day stay.

Finally, home to stay. Started on Humira twice a month. Two months after my resection, I flared again. Now Humira four times a month. Flare every once in a while but under control for the most part. Have gained a good 40 lbs. Have been able to work so far with no problems (knock on wood).

Hope and pray everyday for good health. I just want to be able to take care of my family and work. I am sure I will have another bad episode some time down the road, but if I made it through that first rough patch, I can handle it.

Oh, and dont believe that surgeon when he says that after your surgery you will have a good 5 to 7 years of remission, haha. Mine came back within a couple of months...

Sorry for being so long but their it is, my story...:thumleft:
tpd320 welcome to the forum. This is a great place for information. Your story sounds like you have had a rough road. Glad to hear the Humira is helping. There is a thread on here for anyone on Humira you might want to check out. Thank you for all you do as a police officer I admire people who can do that job. It must be hard with crohn's. I've never had and abcess, but I'm on Humira also. Hope you continue using the forum. Lots of great people here. Again thank you for your service as a police officer. I also see your a Texan too. Good to have another Texan on here.


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Welcome TPD, hope the humira continues to go well for you!! Had you laid open and still missed the second abscess, that would suck!! Maybe that was your share of bad luck for life!! Good luck and stick around!!


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Hi tpd and :welcome:

Good to see you here. Wow you sure have had some pre op and post op issues. I hope the Humira is able to keep you in remission for many years to come! My daughter is one of the lucky ones in that she is still in remission 4 years after surgery. I hope you stick around as there is stacks of support and info here and we would love to have you. Welcome aboard!

All the best, :)


Hi tpd
and welcome

Yes that's quite a story, poor you!
really hope the Humira starts working for you, lots of success stories on here with it.
glad you found us, lots of friends here for you.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx