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Growing facial hair?

I was wondering if anyone else has had a side effect from Prednisolone of facial hair? I am growing a mo!!:shifty-t: and excess hair on my face.. I have been on Pred for nearly 5 months now. Does the hair stop growing and will things go back to normal when you go off the Prednisolone? This is the pits!! :yfrown:
I'd love to hear from you who have had this problem..


Yeah I grew a beard!
It will all go away when you stop the Pred, in fact, as soon as you start tapering down from it.
Try not to fret and don't shave!
Big hug your way
YEP a lot of us lovely ladies here have suffered that side effect, my family's favorite comments are "oh you look like your dad" (who has a big beard) or "who let one the members of ZZ Top in" hahaha
As Joan said don't fret, it will go away and even faster than it appeared when you start to tamper down, and def don't shave!!!
Gwen xxx
Yep - I'm in this club as well. I could be the bearded lady in the circus complete with mo. I do pluck and wax as my skin is so white and the hairs are so dark. I have had this problem since I was 20 with the PCOS - but the pred has made it more apparent, shall we say.

I have an issue with my PCOS and my body hair so I am a waxaholic. I can get my whole body waxed in 1.5 hrs :dance: