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So, it's not just bronchitis, it's raging bronchitis AND sinusitus:voodoo: :voodoo: . :( That explains why i feel like arse. If it's not freaking one thing, it's another. So frustrated! At least i got some prescription cough syrup, so hopefully i can start laying down without choking to death on my own sputum. :voodoo:
What the heck? Did I miss something - I don't remember you saying you were sick :O( Sorry buddy - I hope the meds help you - hug yourself and feel better!
I thought all i was doing lately was whining about it! LOL. :p Yeah, i've been coughing up razor blades for a while, while snotting green jello. ;)
Thanks hun, hopefully they'll kick in soon! Have you taken Biaxin before, how is it on your gut?


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Feel better girl......blah green sputum is nasty stuff......Make sure you drink....(No more green Jello for you!)
Thanks. :) So no more vodka lime shooters? Shucks! guess i'll just have to stick to Vodka OJ....Everyone's telling me to keep drinking, so gotta follow orders! ;)

I picked up a giant jug of OJ to alternate with the water (i get sooo bored of water), and got myself a humidifier, hopefully that'll help loosen everything up.
Oh, I'm so sorry hon. I've had that combo... well, that combo plus a double ear infection. Every year. Misery.

Feel better soon!
LOL, i still can't believe i ordered them, i feel like a geek ordering a discovery network tv show. :p will be good though!
I'm on the mend.....i always try to hold off on antibiotics as long as i can, but i just couldn't take it anymore. he was a great walk in clinic doc, best i've ever seen. And he actually game me an RX cough suppressant/expectorant, where most doc's just tell me that the cough will just go away on it's own.I don't think they've ever had a week where they couldn't even lay down because they would cough to the point of vomitting every time they did! :p
Oh Tam hunny you are having a rough time at the moment.. I can relate with sinus tho on to my 3rd script of antibiotics not fun at all. Everytime I come off them it comes back again. I seem to have really bad post nasal drip.. YUK makes me sick too. If I don't get better this time have to see another spec for them.. Fun Fun!!
By the way thanks for the tip on the Neti Pot I ordered a ceramic one on the net last week and got it on Friday.. have been using it all weekend and I do think it is helping to get rid of some of the crap in my sinuses. Only time will tell if it has real benefit if I can get rid of the nasal drip I will be a very happy lady.
Good luck buddy hope you can get on top of it all. xxx
Thanks Tan. :) I am headed to a specialist next month for my sinuses, i have a lot of problems with mine too. It's come to the point that the neti pot won't even penetrate anymore. I still try it though, hopefully once this clears up a little it will help a bit more. I hear ya with the post nasal drip, it's awful! And i feel like i have bad breath all the time, it's so nasty. :( Hopefully we both get better soon!
Hey Pam, here's a little trick Janis uses on the grandkids and me when we are really hacking.

Take a wash cloth and wet it good with cold water, wring it out good, fold in half lenghtwise, place it on your throat. Take a hand towel, fold it lengthwise until its a little wider than the wash cloth and than place it over the washcloth and wrap around your neck and fasten in the back with a safety pin.
I know it sounds and will feel wierd, but trust me, it will help with the night coughs when you try to sleep.
Good luck hon, and get better.
I know what you mean it horrible feeling and makes you feel like you have bad breath.. I am forever swallowing or trying to bring the stuff stuck in my throat up. I have never had post nasal drip this bad before and its gotten to a point where its making me want to throw up all the time and puts you off eating. Horrible... good luck with the spec, I think that will be my next trip very soon!
thanks for the tip Pirate, it does sound odd, but it's helping. I'm even wearing the thing sitting here, because i still couldn't sleep. I'm thinking i might need an inhaler or something, even though the coughing seems to have subsided thanks to the handy cloth, i still feel like i'm not getting enough air. :(

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HI Tamesis, wow you are a mess like I was in Oct I think, anyways I had Pnumoinia for the first time in my life, because I had a chest, ear cold.. Anyways I cant get the sputnum out I puke if I do... so I found Benylin Extra strength Mucous and Phlegm relief, it is brand new and relieves chest conjestion and loosens all that crap, and trust me boy it works. I had to be careful cause I had to go off Flagyl before I took it, there is alcohol in it, like most otc cough medicines. I got mine at shoppers drug mart. Yeah seems like everyone has it now but this stuff is the best. Hope you feel better, and keep moving around ok.
Thanks Pen, i'll have to check it out. Just got back from ER, couldn't get enough breath and was starting to panic. gave me a Ventolin nebulizer, which helped, but now i'm shaky as anything! Normal for ventolin, i just didn't expect it. I drive stick and could barely use the clutch, i kept popping it because my leg wouldn't cooperate. LOL. it's odd too, the shaking is like ten times worse on my left side!!
Anyways, off to take some ativan and hopefully sleep the day away and wake up better!
Oh Pam, sorry its still so bad! I hope the ventolin will help and you can at least breathe and I hope you can sleep it off :)
Well, i'm alive! i certainly wondered if i would be with my breathing troubles last night, man that was scary! Anyways, i slept for a whole 8 hours, and woke up feeling semi human again! thanks for the support everyone. :)