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okay - so no laughing...

Know when you get a grumbling noise in your stomach - loud ones and it can be heard across the room?
Well.. I have been getting those same noises in between my stomach and butt.. I cant really pinpoint where exactly but it is much lower... and it is more towards the back than the front I think.
Anyone know what this is and why??
I have this sometimes...I think for me its when my colon is especially swollen and things shift back there because usually pretty soon afterward I have a BM. Its definitely in the back and a grumble! But that's just my speculation...

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Ha, that happened to me today whilst my husband and I went for a walk with the dogs, I asked him if he tooted, and he said no...a minute later my stomach made a sound like a bull frog lol.. it was me all along! :lol: Just passing gas, air pockets, and depends on what you ate.
I havent passed any gas, I haven't had a bowel movement and I haven't eaten since this morning (it is now 11 pm.) I had a lot of D this morning so I havent eaten since. It isnt in my stomach.
Keona, my stomach has a vast array of noises, but I don't think I've had one in that direction.............yet. Your quite recently diagnosed, yes? Like me - well soon to be I think. There seems to be a whole range of manifestations of this disease the further you 'age' with it. I hope it is just gas and that it's not too painful.
I asked because I hear a lot of strange noises come from people's guts, particularly after they eat. It's too many to be people with Crohn's. :D I get it, usually in the morning when my bowels are kick-starting themselves awake, exactly in that between-gut-and-butt area, which I know is common with IBS, too.

I wonder if it can be chalked up to colon spasms which (if my female friends are any indicator) seem really common amongst women, especially as they age. It makes sense Crohn's would ramp things up, since it stressed the whole GI sometimes. I guess we just can't hope to ever be the rainbow poot dainty flowers we wish we could be. :C


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I don't get it regularly, but every so often my lower abdomen - maybe lower than the stomach, but higher than the colon, I think - will make a weird gurgling sound. It kind of sounds like "Bluuurrrrgggppp". It varies in volume and length and doesn't happen terribly often. In fact, since I've been on Entocort I could probably count on one hand the times it's happened. But yeah, I do get insane sounds coming from the guts every so often! I am guessing it's just trapped air/liquid shifting around? I haven't noticed it happening in conjunction with flares or spasms or anything like that. It usually does happen when everyone else in the room is quiet, though, I guess for comedic effect. ;)

I have a friend who has Crohn's (I'm still undiagnosed myself) and I remember that one time a little while back, she and I had the gut gurglies going on at the same time! It was funny, we were in stereo! :D
I am really very use to my stomach making very loud noises... and I mean really very loud... and so I am asking because it is not the same..otherwise I wouldnt have asked.
It is something different. I have never had any issues in that region and since I have noticed it moved to my left side (collaborated with the MRI - where the strictures are).. I am hoping it is not something new in terms of inflammation. As far as I know I dont have issues with my colon or rectum or anything in that location. I have only had pain from that area few and far between and it hasnt happened since I have seen the GI so I never brought any of this up to him. The pain I experienced was feeling like I was giving birth to a watermelon - the pressure and it was so much pressure, it was immobilizing. I was afraid to sit and afraid to stay standing but just had to let it pass... and the pain didnt stay long but was intense. It was also hard to tell you where it was except the watermelon felt like it was not in front or in back but centre below my pelvic area... but not quite as low as the butt. Maybe its nothing but I am starting to wonder if the two are connected... again, it has been a very long time since I felt the pain. None of this is associated with BM or during meals... as mentioned earlier, I havent been eating so there is no food in there to pass.. maybe it is gas... I dont know... which is why I am asking if anyone else has had the same thing ...
A few years ago I had very loud noises that ended up being symptoms of strictures... Removed 80cm of intestine and they went away.

BTW Wendy... Best of luck for April 11. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
OMG! I have a bull frog in my belly too! I get very loud noises coming from my abdomen as well. Totally different than regular hunger pangs or gas. Even the GI doctor heard them once and said "was that you?" He said it was fine as long as I didn't have pain. My husband always thinks I farted, but I didn't. It kinda is more like an internal fart than anything. Never figured out exactly what it is or what causes it, but nice to know I am not the only one with a noisy monster in my belly!