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Guar Gum....Why !

Lynda Lynda

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I did not know where to post this, so I posted this in the "diet" thread. The subject of my post is "gums."

I just tried to read an article about these "gums" but the article was too scientific for me to keep reading. The second article was easy to read and explained the basics, but it was written 5 years ago.

I know that the food industry has been adding these "gums" to my food for years now because it is so noticeable in the taste and texture of the food.
I know that "gums" are used as an emulsifier and stabilizer and thickener in foods.

I was never worried about these "gums" until now because I was just diagnosed with Crohn's [ terminal ileum inflammation and stricture. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis previous to Crohn's. ] The article said that these "gums" are mostly undigestable and bad for my "gut."

I read the list of "gums" and it appears that they are not all the same kind of "gums" and they are not all processed the same way and they are not used in the same way.

My list is : Guar Gum, Tara Gum, Gellan Gum, Xanthum Gum,
Gum Arabic and Locust Bean Gum.( And that carrageenan that everyone on the forum says to avoid. )

So, what are your opinions, thoughts, advice and recommendations regarding these annoying "gums."

Sorry this post is so long.
Take Care. 🌻

my little penguin

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Both talk about eliminating emulsifiers and gums
Ds did the Crohns exclusive diet a few years ago when it was new

He still sticks to mostly Whole Foods organic when possible and avoids emulsifiers /gums as much as possible

Which means store bought bread was hard to find
Found an organic bread called “rise” at Whole Foods that has no emulsifiers

But don’t worry if he has a hamburger bun woth stuff in it once and a while
It’s balance
Since as you will find
Science evolves constantly so what is ok now may not be later and vice versa
The FDA has approved all these gums. But. They are linked to inflammation, bloating, gas, bacterial overgrowth, "leaky gut". There aren't a lot of studies that prove this. I try to avoid all food additives, but they're in everything including plain old bread flour. Best I can do is cook from scratch.

Lynda Lynda

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When you said "Whole Foods" I am assuming Whole Foods Market. There is one that is 7 miles from where I live. I will be in that end of town on Tuesday. I will just go in and see what it is like.

my little penguin

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The secret to buying flour at least in the YS
Is right before the holidays
Especially Christmas
They drastically lower prices and the flour if unowned is good for a year

Other holidays as well
Sometimes random sales
But Christmas has the best sale

Honestly no brand of bread flour in the US has emulsifiers/gums in it that I have seen