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Gut Cell Atlas

Hi, a few years ago I heard about Human cells atlas project from a bio scientist who works on it. Scientists from all over the world have gathered to fully understand the way our body works. The research is being done at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

The project is huge and the aim is to discover the ways cells work and understand the mechanisms of developing diseases. They were hoping to find a cure for cancer within 10 years (even sooner), and his prediction was that it would be treated and cured easily.

Many rich people have donated to the project, like Ted Stanley (650 m $) with the aim of finding a cure for bipolar disease as they have a family member with that condition.

It is anticipated that bioscience and medicine backed up with newest technologies and algorithmic programmes will find a way to successfully treat all conditions. I have attached some links for you to have a look.

I was very happy to see that 13m$ was allocated to IBD research and a Gut Cell Atlas project has started a few months ago.

Bioscience has advanced hugely in recent years/decades and new computer programmes/software helps speed up research.

As a mother, I do hope they get lucky quickly and find a cure.