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Gut friendly snacks

I was hoping somebody would have a suggestion for a gut friendly snack.

I crave food all the time, even when I'm not hungry. I haven't always been like this, I remember when I would not eat all day and not care, but I've been overtaken by this insatiable appetite. I love junkfood, but I try to avoid it. A gut friendly alternative would great!
I have never seen anyone ever have a bad reaction to oatmeal. I think it actually helps the intestines a little. Of course, that does not do you any good if you do not like it to begin with.

I like it, and eat it in the evening occasionally.

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oatmeal does expand in your tum tum after you eat it just like cream of wheat, so keep that in mind.
depending on what kind of junk food you like, I've found VeggieTales fruit snacks are awesome and have ingredients that aren't all that bad.
best bet would be to go to a health food store and browse the gluten free section, cause when it comes to junk food, their selection will be about 80% crohns friendly, at least the ones in my area are.
good luck and let us know what you find.


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now I wanna bowl (ooops, almost wrote bowel) full of hot oatmeal N cinnamon. With my lactose free milk of course..And some honey. Or porridge, or cream of wheat..Carefull, those last two probably have gluten in them.... and if the oatmeal was milled improperly, it might be cross contaminated with gluten too...

Hmmm, wonder if the dog will spare me one of his chew toys? Doggie biscuits!!


surprisingly enough, one of my favourite snacks that actually doesn't bother me is Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
they make them in baked, but not where I live.
a nice evening with a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos and my Organic Valley Lactose Free Organic milk is very relaxing.
P.S. don't ever feed a kitten a Flamin' Hot Cheeto as punishment. it's funny for like the first few seconds, but my kitten doesn't like milk, so she suffered until she decided to attack our 2 year old in heat cat.
I'll have to find a health food place in the city. I live out in the boonies at the moment. :)

Flammin hot cheetos, eh? They sound tasty, but I think I would get a flammin hot something else not too long after eating them :p


Flamin' Hot Cheetos are great, try one. they are REALLY hot though.
if you eat a whole bag, your poo gets a reddish tint.
..speaking from experience.


tuna and crackers. peeled apple and organic creamy peanut butter (raw apple hurts some people). Boost or Ensure supplement drinks. Bananas!

no one reacts the same to their food intake ... but these have been easiest on me.

Yeah Jvstin, my favorite is flamin hot cheetos LIME .... THOSE are the shit
Tostitos has flour tortilla chips. For some reason my guts can't do corn tortilla chips (I miss Doritos), but I can now eat a form of tortilla chip again. They don't really bother my guts and I can use 'em with dip. Now to go and try to make nacho cheese powder...
Things that gut friendly for me .....
fruit = bananas
veggies = V8
chips = plain tortilla
dessert = jello
meat = venison jerky

Oh and the flamming hot cheetos are the shit, hot going in and hot going out.
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If we are talking pure junk, then yes, I agree, Flamin Hot Cheetos are great. Jalapeno are even better! That's my favorite road trip indulgence. Glad to hear I'm not alone Jvstin!

On the healthier side, flavored rice crackers are a tasty snack that you can find at Trader Joes or in the gluten free section of a store, if you can find it.
Plain yoghurt and fruit (banana, peeled peaches...); plain crackers , pretzels with green tea and honey...


homemade yogurt
dehydrated fruit

Being on the SCD diet leaves me only with healthy snacks which i thought i would never like.... now i crave them its wierd.


I haven't been able to eat ice cream for years... then I discovered vanilla frozen yogurt. I enjoy a bowl of it every now and then.

Goldfish Crackers
Smoothies (coconut oil, aloe vera, activa yogurt, bananas)
Glenisk goats-milk yogurt, they do a raspberry one that's yum, the vanilla one is yuk though
Rice crackers with jam I guess... (but try and get WHITE rice, not whole grain)
I crave food all the time, even when I'm not hungry. I haven't always been like this, I remember when I would not eat all day and not care, but I've been overtaken by this insatiable appetite.
I'd get a stool test done.
I had the same problem and was loosing weight while i ate enormous amounts of food.
I had a parasite (can't remember which one) as well as a huge bacterial imbalance.