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Gutted. Peri-anal crohns experience please!

So OH is now in hospital... for the third time... surgery for the third time tomorrow. Had 1 abscess.. SURGERY that horseshoed... SURGERY.. back in as there was a hard swelling still after 2 weeks. They did an MRI, more infection and further fistula... SURGERY tomorrow.
They then wanted to bring him back as an outpatient to see Gastro to get sorted with meds.. told them this is NOT happening. He NEEDS to see someone and get sorted before he gets discharge as we are not coming back for a forth surgery.. We know what the cause is.. we need to RID the infection and get on some form of immunosuppressive in my opinion. Infliximab seems to be the best option according to forums etc? He has been on Humira before which didn't work for his crohn's in his colon.

Please please, what are your experiences of this? What medications helped? What helped in general? TELL ME ALL.

Thanks in advance