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Guys I need advice on what to do :(

I can't eat or drink anything without puking and this has been going on for weeks and I'm not sure what to do. I have crohn's disease and I've lost alot of weight in a short amount of time. I was on a liquid diet until my stomach heals but I keep throwing up the liquids as well. I was taking Zofran but it's no longer working for me.
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If your Dr. is connected to a hospital you can call the front desk and ask to talk to the GI Dr. on call and they will take down some info and should get a call back. But if you tell them your not able to keep anything down there is a good chance that you will be told to go to the ED for at least blood work. I would have a bag packed.
That doesn't sound good, hope you get better soon. Just my best guess on zofran, since it acts by blocking serotonin, this doesn't sound like its good for ibd, serotonin is important for the immune system as far as I recall, and any additives in the medication could also slow your recovery, we are sensitive to so many things. fiber can be beneficial for crohns, try broccoli or tomatoes, also get some chicken breast or salmon in. The liquid diet alone could explain weightloss too, but it would help get more details on your diet and if you arent holding anything down, thats a big concern. It could be a blockage, but hard to know, seeing the doctor is a good idea.
Have you had any recent tests done?

Being sick after food and weight loss is one of the biggest red flags for a blockage, this is classed as urgent.

It should be checked out right away.

If not a blockage, steroids should be added to the liquid diet, and I think iv steroids as well to get it under control ASAP.
I am currently taking humira and I was taking zofran for nausea and vomiting but it no longer works. I do plan on going on and heading to the ER because it's getting worse. I've had recent tests and last time they said I was extremely inflamed and I had to stay for 6 days in the hospital back in October.