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Had 2 babies since being diagnosed

Hi, I have heard a lot of people who have crohns and find their pregnant, getting worried as to what it'll mean, now I know everyone is different, in both crohns and pregnancy.
But, I wanted to say, I had 2 babies after being diagnosed and everything was the same as the 2 babies I'd had before being diagnosed.
My crohns was even better when pregnant :)
The only little side effect was as I was on azathiaprine, I had to have monthly scans to measure birthweight, but as my eldest 2 were big babies no-one was concerned.
They were smaller than my other babies but still a great weight. And my youngest was a very small baby lengthwise but that hasnt caused her any problems, shes now 2 :)
i have had 2 children too, my son charley was born when i went into remission after my first bout of surgery,. but joshua was concieved and born on azaprorpine, i was told everything would be fine he would just be smaller. i never got any extra scans at all :( and he was my biggest at 8lb 12oz!! and i was a smoker then! i am not proud of that at all, :( i have now kicked the habbit :)