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Had my colonoscopy done almost 5 weeks ago, no response from my gastro doc?

Hi folks

I had my colonoscopy 5 weeks ago, they found a single erosion in my terminal ileum, the biopsy came back as benign, I have not heard from my gastro doc yet? is this normal? 5 weeks and no returned calls about the results?. Should i be going to find a new doc? this is kind of strange to me, i thought docs were there to help us

my little penguin

Staff member
You have results
The scope visuals were discussed when you woke up from the scope as being normal finding a lesion etc… and the hospital called to discuss the biopsy results as benign
So they did give you the results

Any further discussion would require an appt to figure out a plan forward

call your Gi to make an appt
That is standard
Only if they found crohns would they have called to order additional tests to verify the extent of crohns such as an MRE
Even then you still have to have an appt

my kiddo has had 8 plus scopes Over 10 years and that’s the standard
More detailed decisions happen at appts
I didn’t get a call from anyone since 5 weeks ago, I got a letter in the mail, I have called trying to get information and I get no calls back, however I’m glad to read from what your saying it looks like there’s no Crohns, I’m not sure what they do next but the pain on my left side has never gone away and gets worse some days and what ever this erosion is I have lost 80 pounds I went from 200 plus to 116lbs at one point, I very glad it looks like it’s not Crohns but what is it and why does no one seem to want to fix it

my little penguin

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You have to make another appt with your Gi
It’s at the appt that they discuss the options for possible further tests or what to do about the pain
Not over the phone
You need to schedule an in office appt
i guess i thought they would be calling me to review the results or setting up an appointment to come see my Doc, I did call my GP and she said she didnt even have the results back, and she also said I should just call them and ask whats going on, kinda thought im paying someone to fix my health its pretty much their job to keep track of who and what there treating and who needs to be in there next, i guess i got it wrong.