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Had my First remicade infusion today :D

I ended up there for nearly 5 hrs because the first time they had to do a CBC which took time to get back.

After waiting 1:30 minutes with just salene and I.V.. I got the remicade. I did not need any pre-meds what so ever.
I bought Claritin just incase but they said the doctor specifically said no pre-meds.

Responded vey well. No problems.
they lie when they say it takes only 2 hours. 3-4 seems to be the norm. i'm glad your infusion went well!
Yes, 2 weeks.. then 4 weeks. then 6-8.

My platlets were high 663 and WBC was 15.7 VERY Active inflimation.

Hemoglobin was 11 (Very Happy there with 5.75 RBC)