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Had my UGI/SMFT today

So I had the small bowel follow through today. It was relatively easy. It went surprisingly fast. Probably about 45 minutes. They did a bunch of the xrays and told me to do a few laps in the hall to wait for the stuff to move around. They ended up having to kick someone out of the room during my laps because it was going through so fast. So they did the last of the pictures and they told me to drink lots of fluids because it might make me constipated.
I don't know about that. As soon as I got my clothes on I had to run to the bathroom. Then on the drive home I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't crap myself. Got home used the bathroom again....a couple minutes go by and I had to make another mad dash to the bathroom.
Now my butt hurts!!!
I didn't hear anywhere that this would happen. :(


Punctuation Impaired
The barium never burned me , only the contrast from CT scans. Bust out the Calmoseptine girlie. That was fast emptying...Google dumping syndrome and see what you think...Just a suggestion.
Ditto on what Pop said about the dumping syndrome (your gut did NOT like that stuff LOL!) - if you don't already own a lovely tube of Calmo - best get some :O)
Luckily I have Calmoseptine on hand!
I looked up dumping syndrome and wow...that sounds like what happens sometimes. I've never had surgery on my stomach though.
I could tell when the barium hit a certain part in my bowels because it started to hurt on the right side and I started getting cramps. I was thinking hurry up and take a picture! I don't know if they could see what was happening but oh man.
When I got home, the second time I had to run to the bathroom, I had flashbacks of the colonoscopy prep because it just rushed out.
I want to take some Immodium but I don't know if I should because they said I might need to take a stool softener.

I've tried to find info on diarrhea after a small bowel follow through but I can't find anything.
PPL - can you stay at home today and maybe tomorrow? I'd drink lots and lots of fluids to try and get rid of that stuff - you'll feel better if you do. It's yucky!!
Yes, thankfully.
I'm still laughing that I thought I was going to be there for hours today and ended up having it done in no time. :p


Captain Insaneo
pewpewlasers said:
Yes, thankfully.
I'm still laughing that I thought I was going to be there for hours today and ended up having it done in no time. :p
Be glad. My system is messed up and I was there for 6 hours last time :(
Poor farm. :(
The radiologist or whoever he was said that some people are there for a couple hours or several hours. He told me that they've even had to send some people home to come back the next day.
How crappy!