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Hair falling out

My hair has been falling out for the past three months and my skin is very oily, not sure if this is due to the Crohns or my age. Has any one else experienced this?


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Could be a number of things. I know that when I was a on Prednisone I lost some hair. Could also be stress related or a side effect from another drug. I'm not sure what would cause oily skin though. Maybe someone else may have some info on that.

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I have a balding spot but luckily I was a former hairdresser and learning to cover it. I have been on so many meds, it is really hard to tell what cause it, and I have my blond-in-a-box now, so , haircolouring for long periods can do that, and I am not as young as most here! If you have had Pred on and off, could be it.


If you poke around the threads, you'll see that hair loss is a common topic!

Prednisone, low vitamin B, low iron levels can all cause hair loss. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the cause!

You might want to get your blood levels checked to make sure you're not low and start any supplements if necessary.

- Amy
I was going to suggest what Amy said about hair loss being common on the threads. I have hair loss, too. It seems to slowly getting better, but still losing it. My doctor said it was common with some of the meds I am on. Not sure what you are taking?
In the past year I have lost a ton of hair and it is so frustrating. I just got sick of always thinking about it and wearing hats so I buzzed it all.

I still miss it though.
I have issues with hair loss as well. When I was taking Predn it was really bad but then once I came off of it, it was getting better. Lately since they changed my Remicade from every 8 weeks to 4 weeks, I have been experiencing alot of hair loss again. My levels were all normal today when it was checked so I couldn't tell you what it's from..my GI says it's common but doesn't give me a reason to why LOL! I don't take anything other than Remicade right now
mines falling out/thining again :(

Im on aza and asacol and anti depressants - im not convinced they work i actually think its stress that causes it in me lol!

I have started to take a multivitamin and it is starting to work a bit, maybe you can try that if you aren't already taking one?


Hi Donna!!

Found a few threads for you to check out....you are not alone!!





I, too, have been a victim to hair loss/thinning. My hairdresser usually can tell if I am not well before I can as she starts to notice my hair changing! lol!

The good news: it will come back (well...most of it anyway) if you get into a state of remission. Hang in there...and until then...there are some really neat hats out there to purchase!! lol
Loosing your hair is SOOOO devasting! I seriously could not think of anything else the whole time it was happening to me.

The good news is IT WILL STOP. I promise.

My hair starting thinning right after I got home from the hospital after my diagnosis. It took about 2 months for it to get really thin and it made me to stressed out and crazy that after freaking out about it for months, I finally just buzzed it off! And then 4 days after, it stopped falling out and now it's growing back.

I went to a dermatologist and she said it is a common problem for anyone going through a stressful time (ie: childbirth, death of a loved one, depression). Crohn's fits into this. It's a condition called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM and basically the hair follicles go into shock and you have to wait for the cycle to come around again for them to start re-growing.

It can also be a loss in vitamins. ZINC and IRON are the big guys. Get your levels checked. In my case, my blood work was perfect. It can also be a side-effect of the drugs but according to my docs, that's rare on it's own.

Hope this helps. I swear this should be the first thing they tell you when you get diagnosed. "Hello, you have crohns and your hair my fall out. If it does, don't panic."
I had a really bad patch around a year ago or so. (LOL! Patch! I made a pun!) My hair got so thin that I was embarassed. It has finally grown out some, so I went to get a hair cut.

Now instead of straight hair, I have frizzy hair!! It is so weird. Not sure if it is meds, my age or what. But, I had straight hair all my life. Now, it is frizzy. I like it, it is just different, and I wonder how long it will last...

Oh, I was going to say that I switched to shampoo that is for strengthening hair and preventing breakage and that seems to have helped. I had started losing hair again (I know - AGAIN???) and I thought it couldn't hurt to try. It is TreSemme, but any anti-breakage shampoo might help.