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Hair loss

I’ve been losing hair by the handful each time I shower or brush my hair. It’s unsettling to see it let alone run my fingers through my hair and feel how thin it has gotten. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few months ago, and just administered my second Humira injection today. However, the hair loss thing has been going on for quite some time. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this side effect of IBD and if so... how the heck do I stop it?
Hi I've had this problem also since last summer when they started working me up for Crohn's. And recently it has also started to feel thin. I just had my 4th Humira injection. My PCP has me taking a multivitamin, calcium D3, and a supplement for hair skin and nails. Nothing fancy all from Costco. I'm not a vain person but my daughter is getting married in 2 months and I'm afraid I wont have much left by then 🙁
Unless it is a Humira side effect, I know nothing about it, it is likely malnutrition.

A few years ago when I was really ill from Crohn’s, I lost a lot of hair just because I was absorbing so little. Thats with taking good whole food multivitamins also. If everything is going right through you that will happen. The good thing is it all grew back once I got things squared away.

Does the Humira seem to be helping your symptoms?

The Humira looks like it's doing its job. I now it's only been 4 injections but my BM are starting to be normal. I think your right about the malabsorption. I also noticed I'm not a fatigued and I have more intrest in going out now, and being with my family.
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Are you taking azathioprine or 6mp along with the Humira? Hair loss is a well-known side effect of thiopurines such as azathioprine.
Hi Scipio, my GI put me on the Humira only so far. What is 6mp? I'm hoping I wont need to be one anything else, but I have noticed most Crohn's patients are on other meds along with the Humira.
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6mp is 6-mercaptopurine. It's a metabolic breakdown product of azathioprine as has a similar medicinal action. It is sometimes prescribed instead of azathioprine.

Azathiprine , 6MP, or methotrexate are sometimes given along with biologics, particularly Remicace and Humira, to help prevent the formation of antibodies directed against the drug that might weaken or inactivate it.
Wow. Thank you for sharing this informative link. 👍🏻 Well worth the read. Makes perfect sense, and certainly helps explain why I have experienced so much hair loss over the past ten years or more. I assumed it was just part of the aging process. I’m grateful however, that I was born with more than my fair share of thick, healthy hair. While I have been steadily and noticeably shedding, I could well afford to, and haven’t seen any balding.. YET. I’d like for it to stop, though. Enough is enough now.
My GI had me take folic acid when he started me on mtx, he said to prevent hair loss from the meds

I've been on remicade for 4ish years now, and I notice the hair fall most when I'm showing more symptoms. It's annoying, to say the least