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Hamster or mouse.

I have always had a fear of mice, working on a farm they are a true pest.

The reason for infliximab antibodies is due to mouse protein.

Ok oh well how does everyone feel about hamster instead?

Not sure how vegan friendly it is.


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I definitely see why people find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that some medications for Crohn's disease come from animal sources and contain animal ingredients. Unfortunately, every medicine currently in use in the US and UK will have been tested on animals at some point, there is just no way to test new drugs safely without monitoring the affects on animals first. This has always been, and will always be a huge debate and its not something everyone is comfortable with. I believe animal testing should only be done when medically necessary (so not for cosmetics etc) and should be done as humanely as possible, but if we start going down the road of not using meds because of animal involvement we will all be in very serious trouble.

Regarding switching from one version to the other I'm not sure, they are both still rodents and it's possible they'd be so alike that the body would react to both in the same way.

In terms of vegans, I do know of a few vegans on infliximab or the biosimilar, most seem to feel that when its a matter of health it is acceptable to use animal products. Most vegans I know directly understand that for many people it just isn't safe to never use any medication in their life. If this is something that does concern you please reach out to your doctor.
My main interest is the antibody side of things, if they can make it from a mouse or a hamster, wonder what else they can make it from, the main reason inflixmab fails is due to mouse protein, by changing the protein to another rodent or animal, it may mean a patient can continue with a successful drug and avoid surgery.

There are over a million animals killed daily in the name of science and medicine.

Cosmetics and animal testing is so so small compared to medicine and food and not that common., however how people are acting now trying to buy vegan cosmetics and at the same time eating a bacon sandwich or a beefburger is very annoying.

Opting for the lazy easy option then going out that night and eating meat.