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Hannahs operation

Just want to update everyoneabout how Hannahs operation to remove her anus and rectum went ( I know it has a proper name pro something or the other) also she had an Ileostomy changed to a colostomy. Well after one delay she had the operation on October 11th. It was alot more complicated then first thought and she finished up having 4 ops as lots of work had to be done. Hannah was in hospital for 10days and in the end we were getting worried as she was getting very depressed. Hannah came home last week-end and was making very slow but good progress until wednesday when her boyfriend of 2 years who has been her rock decided that the spark had gone out of their relationship and dumped her. This has been a major setback and knocked her for 6 he was her best friend and soulmate but "needs to find himself" I really could kill him for his timing if it was amonth down the line and she could glam up and get out in the world and say damn you it would be OK but to dump her after majpor surgery when she feels ugly in pain and depressed really sucks. She feels there will never be anyone prepared to accept all her problems and it very hard to pick her up from this

Hmmm, sounds like he was a sh*t anyway and he'd have left another time when things got a bit uncomfortable. As hard as it is to cope with she is better off without someone like that.

She should never lose hope. Difficult to tell her that and even harder for her to really accept. Wildest dreams do still happen despite everything bad that happens to us. I went through major surgery many years ago, and on the other side thought I'd never hook a boyfriend. Then a few months later whilst I was still recovering my hubby came into my life. We've been together nearly 15 years now, married 5yrs. We've both got complicated medical issues, he's had a stroke.
Never ever give up.
Aww so sorry Hannah is going through all of this. I had my whole colon, rectum and anus removed on the 7th of this month and got my ileostomy although it's the first op I've had. I know how emotionally vulnerable she feels right now. Our bodies are all knocked up and it's harder to cope mentally. It is very bad of her now ex bf to of done it at that time. She must be devastated. Does she have some good supportive friends and family though? Knowing that people still love and care about her will go a little way to making her feel better.

As to the future, I know she'll be fine. I've been very open about my op and my bag with practically everyone I knew before the op and young men haven't treated me any differently now I've had my op. I've had lots of messages asking how I am and no one I know has been put off by my bag at all! Any decent guy that comes into her life will love her for who she is and anyone worth their weight won't care about her bag or her lack of bum or illness. I even think of my crohn's as being a waste of space detector! It weeds the week from the worthy early on!

It's going to take her a while to get back on her feet both mentally and physically. But once she does, hopefully she shall regain her confidence, especially if the op has made her feel much better! The good times aren't over, they are on their way :)

She is also lucky to have a mum as caring as you and I'm sure she knows it.
What a jerk. She's been through so much. I've been through hell, but not those surgeries - I can't imagine. There are wonderful guys out there. My husband and I had been married for a year and just had a baby when I went through my first flare. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel sorry for my husband or the thought didn't occur to me that he might leave. He was amazing! He carried me to the bathroom (7-12 times a day) when my joints hurt so bad I couldn't walk, he often sat with me in the bathroom, he took care of our daughter and got me food when he came home from work, he made sure our parents (who watched her during the day) took our daughter to see me, made light of my massive hemorrhoid and vaginal fistula when I felt anything but sexy, and changed my diapers when I had to wear them for awhile. Needless to say we are a lot closer from that whole experience. There are wonderful guys out there!!! Her ex-boyfriend just isn't one of them.


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Thanks for the update! Wow, how does that boy sleep at night? How awful! As Michelle said, your daughter is really going to need love and support from her family and friends. I am sure you aren't going to have a problem with that, though.

I hope Michelle feels better both physically and emotionally soon. Please continue to keep us posted.
jesus i thought i had it bad when i had my op! i was being told i was going to get a bag for life and went very depressed upon finding out i was pulling through and didn't have to my girlfriend of 2 years decided to sleep with someone else, i felt depressed and vulnerable but that was nothing compared to what hannah has had! my regards to the girl!