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Happy New Year from Myanmar

So how's everybody? I have just finished my first week's teaching and am in Yangon for the weekend staying with friends. The college is very run down but they have lulled out all the stops to turn the school library into a house for the Western teachers! And my students are wonderful. Very shy at first but so gentle kind and smiley. This is the coolest time of year and really pleasant. From -2 and multiple layers to teaching in my bare feet :thumleft: My tummy seems to love it here too. No access to lots of sweet rubbish in the town, drinking loads of water and no Internet access so am doing other thingsike teaching my housemate g


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Happy New Year to you also Grumbletum
Perhaps all your crohnies should join you for some relief
Are there any safety issues there for westerners?
Good that so far your health has improved
How do you manage with no internet access.


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So fab to hear from you Grumble! :):):)

It’s wonderful to hear that all is going with your work and that the Crohn’s is behaving, long may it stay that way! :heart:

Onwards and Upwards!

Dusty. xxx


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Very nice to hear from you! I'm glad it is going well.She does not get on frequently,but PenguinVic spends time in Myanmar teaching.It'll do you good to get away from the internet for awhile...unplug and focus on your life there.Enjoy!


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Great to hear from you G.Tum.I was actually wondering about you yesterday.I'm really pleased you have settled in happily.It's a HORRIBLE day here.Cold,grey,rainy and sleety.YUK !!!. Very best wishes.Stay well.
Hello there. Back up in Yangon to visit friends, do a bit of shopping for the house and use the WiFi of course. My phone is now enabled for Internet so I should be able to get my emails on it and access the Net if really necessary.
Am just about to load some pictures up to my profile of Yangon and Hlegu x