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Happy Nurses' Day

I always thought there was a day but I didnt realize it was today. Anyhow happy nurses day! A good nurse makes such a difference. I remember my nurse for my first colonoscopy pre diagnosis. Took 3 tries to get the IV in (2. By him) but he was so nice and made me laugh at a time when I was really miserable and scared. When I went back for a flex sig I got the same nurse and he remembered me. It meant a lot to me knowing how many patients they see everyday.

Overall thanks for all you do!


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Thanks Grumble! :thumleft: You were talking about me weren’t you? :lol:

@scottsma…Um in answer to the question…up the proverbial creek? :ylol:
Indeed, Dusty, you were one of the first people to spring to mind. :kiss: The time you take to look after us on here, as well as your IRL patients, does not go unnoticed or unappreciated xxx


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I love the nurses I've had when I've been admitted , they are always patient and kind and really sympathetic and understanding. Ever since I was a child I have been coming into contact with amazing nurses and they have inspired me to become one myself . Thankyou.