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Happy Pentasa Party

So I've only been back on Pentasa for about a week, but already it's helping me! I'm still in pain, but my bowels are starting to cooperate again! I do not know WHY but Pentasa got me less constipated back when I first took it in 2011, and it's doing the same thing now.

Why does it do it? I don't know! But I'm just gonna be happy about that.

I'm hoping this means it's starting to be effective and maybe my pain will go down in a few weeks.

ETA: lol, even if the BMs are moving smoothly, doesn't mean I don't have pain afterwards. OH WELL :rof:
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How're you feeling now? Glad to hear that pentasa's been helping you!!! Don't know about being less constipated. But, do know that it can help...
I'm still doing pretty well. I had a high pain day the last two days, but I am back to working out and feeling strong again. I completed the Spartan Sprint today and I'm feeling very proud.