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Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month! My local Pride parade is not until August, last year I just didn't really feel well enough to attempt it. Looking forward to feeling better this year though.

Last year my work supported Trans*Pride as well, so hoping to get involved with that too.
Im going to my first pride over in seattle! (i live in uk but im going on holiday and will be there for pride :)


That's awesome I didn't even know there was a world pride but I read they are expecting 1 million. I know NYC gets 2 million and I think the biggest pride parade is in Rio Brazil with over 3 million attendees.

When is Seattle pride? Sounds fun, they usually light the space needle rainbow in honor of the event. How come you chose it for vacation? It's cool just seems like an odd choice for an international visit.


I'm still debating going to the nyc pride parade. Honestly it's so much fun but it's long and if it's hot out I get really dehydrated. I am also freaked out about crowds and lack of bathroom access. I know I'll feel sad if crohns forces me to miss this another year but maybe I'll compromise and find a pride event I can goto where these problems aren't as prominent.

I should form an IBD contingent in the parade with a portable bathroom connected to a truck so crohnies can march or watch haha.
I'm going to meet some close friends, not because I chose Seattle, I've never been to America so I don't know any of it. We are staying for two weeks with our friends/ more like second family. They were going to pride anyway so now we are joining them! :)