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Happy to have found this place

Hey everyone.

About a year ago I had gone to the hospital to have an abscess drained... that marked the start of me discovering I had Crohn's, though the more I've learned about it, I've realized I've had flare ups quite a bit for a few years prior.

I'm currently on pentasa, though my doctor has been talking about the idea of putting me on something much more aggressive, favoring a "Obliterate the disease while you're healthy enough to tolerate any side effects with ease" approach over a "Slowly build up to stronger medications as to not go overboard" one. He currently has been suggesting Humira...

I hate relying on drugs, and I likewise have to admit I'm a bit uneasy hearing about all of the possible problems and side effects. But I also know that--to be blunt--my flare ups can really f'ing hurt, putting me to the point where I can do little more but lay in bed all day in pain. And then there's the fistula issue that has yet to have been fixed...

All that said though, I'm hoping I can find answers here to some of my questions. It's a lot to think about, but there seems to be a lot of information here. So... I suppose what I'm getting at is this: Thank you.

I'm worried and confused, but it's comforting to know that such a community exists.


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Hello, and Welcome!
I know the side effects of stronger medication are scary, but let me try to put things in a different light for you.
You aren't GUARANTEED to get any side effects. I didn't when I was on Humira. It only helped me. A lot of the common side effects of those drugs are minor things that can easily be dealt with, and most of the time, as you continue on the medication the side effects dissipate as you get used to the therapy.
As for the rare side effects, when the drug was in its trial stages, even if only one person reported something out of 100, they had to report it.
As for the risk of cancer, we are already at a 40% chance of developing colon cancer. I believe if you go untreated, you increase your chances. If you can treat your condition, feel better, get back your life, and reduce the chances of permanent damage and need for surgery, why not?
If you are going to start Humira, my suggestion would be to read about, read the list of common side effects, read the list of things to notify your doctor about and things to seek immediate attention for, and then put it away. Don't dwell over it because you will start to obsess over trying to find something wrong. Just be aware.