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Hard lump that dissolves with massage. Anyone else?


Lately I have been getting a hard lump (almost like a half tennis ball feel) in my LRQ. I know I have a narrow stricture there. I massage it and gas noises appear and then it goes away and comes back again throughout the day. I don't have any other symptoms and am curious if anyone thinks I should be concerned. This stricture has been there for years but this lump thing/gas is new.
If you dont have pain nor vomiting i guess it's still fine though you should monitor it and maybe control diet. Is it new or you been having it for many weeks?
Doctors recommend to treat strictures when they see dilatation before the strictures in the scopes, how was your last scopes and do you have some planned?

I have also many strictures and hear a lot of noises. It's very annoying and sometimes concern me even if my docs dont seem to pay much attentio on it but i dont feel hard lumps.
Yes, this happens to me a lot at night. I lay on my back with my hands over my belly and usually feel pain as the lump hardens, sometimes into a ball, sometimes into a long narrow "log". If I massage the area, I can move it left or right or sometimes it dissipates, followed by loud gurgling or squirting noises and relief from the pain. Latest MRI shows a stricture with partial bowel blockage- GI doc has me on prednisone and imuran now, with remicade starting soon and surgery in the near future.