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Has any one had a contrast enhanced ultrasound for IBD?

I've had regular ultrasounds for IBD though i've also been told they don't really show anything.

Yet i've been searching around and found something called a CEUS (contrast enhanced ultra sound) which is just as accurate as an MRI but is far lower in risk and very quick.

Yet i can't find any where in the UK where they use this technique, they still use MRI or worse, the CT scans regularly which are expensive, slow, cancer risky for CT, require prep and people have issues with their contrast of MRIs.

This website seems to be dedicated to informing people about the method: https://ibus-group.org/

Yet its not even known about in the UK or apparently the USA either which is shocking to me.

This paper shows some results from it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5320025/

Has anyone here had one of these special ultrasounds? (Not to be confused with regular ultrasounds).

my little penguin

Staff member
My child has had one in the US.
Only because he is allergic to contrast dye in ct and MRE
However I have heard the top kiddie hospitals in the uS are using them more and more for children with IBD