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Has anyone ever had Cdiff with Crohn’s?

Has anyone ever had Cdiff with Crohn’s?

I’m a 26F and have had Crohn’s 5 years now. For the most part I’m well controlled on my imuran and unfortunately in June was diagnosed with cdiff. After two rounds of Vanco I’m about 2.5months symptom free (fingers crossed). I was just curious if anyone has had this with Crohn’s and what I should expect. I feel defeated because I lost so much weight and now my diet is all over with everything. I have so much anxiety whenever I have one loose BM.
I have ulcerative colitis and ended up getting cdiff in September 2017. It caused a severe flare up and I ended up in the hospital for 9 days. I had to take both vanco and flagyl at the same time for over a month to get rid of the infection. It was a really horrible and traumatizing experience and I pray I never get it again. I take a probiotic every morning and every night before bed. I haven’t been on an antibiotic since then and I hope to avoid going on one at all costs.

I hope that you stay healthy and never have to deal with that again
Crispix73 I’m so sorry you got sick from this terrible infection! How long would you say after that it took to heal? I feel like I’d been about 2.5months and some things that I could eat before kill me now. Then I feel like my anxiety goes up because I’m not sure if it’s back or something I ate. Any tips?
I’ve had flare ups of c diff a few times and been admitted every time. Fortunately IV antibiotics have brought it under control and I haven’t had an issue for over a year now.
I’ve had flare ups of c diff a few times and been admitted every time. Fortunately IV antibiotics have brought it under control and I haven’t had an issue for over a year now.
Do you usually know when it’s back? Or have you had any dietary changes? I just feel like I have no idea what to eat because things that used to be safe are no longer safe and cause me a lot of BM.
Sorry, I only just saw your response now. It’s hard to say how long it took to heal from the cdiff because I also had a UC flare at the same time. I would say it took at least 3 months to be completely back to normal from everything. I haven’t noticed any issues issues with eating certain foods. I’d say my safe foods and foods that I stay away from are still basically the same.

IBD in general gives me a ton of anxiety, and the cdiff infection definitely added to that. I don’t have much advice in that area because it’s still something I’m trying to get under control.
My son was dx with Crohns at age 13, got C-diff during finals of his first year of college treated with 1 round of Vanco and then pred because it caused a big flare. He then went on biologics for the first time after that to maintain control....Stelara.

He is not 2 years out from c-diff and thankfully it has not returned! He had a sinus infection about a year ago and his doc decided not to give him antibiotics since he had c-diff in the past year...he did get better but it took longer and we agreed that it was not worth the risk of getting c-diff again.

Keeping your Crohn's in control and avoiding antibiotics are the two best ways to avoid this. Also, fecal transplants often work wonderfully for recurring c-diff but hopefully it won't come to that!