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Has anyone had a double balloon endoscopy?

has anyone had a double balloon endoscopy?

I had a double balloon endoscopy on wed. and im soooo sore from the procedure! anyone else been in pain after? and how long does it last??
Sorry, I haven't had it.

I'm sure someone on here will have though, keep checking.

Oh, and welcome to the site. hopefully the pain will go away soon.


I had one 2 weeks ago......When I 1st got home I slept for a few hours, woke up & felt great! Since I had the day off of course I began cleaning etc. When I woke up Tues morning I was so sore I could hardly move. I went to work that day, but only worked about 1/2 a day & came home & went to bed. I'd say it finally took till about Fri or Sat for me to be able to lay on my side without any pain. Good luck! I will pass :) Just try & take it easy!