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Has anyone had this diagnosis experience?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had this issue come up during their diagnosis process:

visually normal endoscopy (upper GI and colon) but biopsies at all sites (stomach, duodenum, terminal ileum, colon, sigmoid, and rectum) all show non-specific inflammation.

I changed insurances to try and see a GI who specializes in IBD, but the new guy I saw was pretty reluctant to do more scopes or tests because I am “a young patient”, despite having symptoms that interrupt my daily life. I asked if he can do anything to check my small bowel, but he wants to review my original pathology slides before an MRE or further testing. He kept throwing out the “IBS”. But I don’t think IBS causes actual inflammation in the tissues? I had a couple of scopes and surgeries last year with every single biopsy showing chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation shouldn’t be considered normal upon biopsy? Confused as to why he is trying to dismiss me just because I’m younger.
San Diego
By definition IBS does not involve inflammation, although it is possible to have IBD and IBS at the same time. And there are causes of gut inflammation other thgan UC or Crohn's. Celiac for example.

Perhaps your doc just wants to be sure of the diagnosis before committing you to strong medication that may not be the right choice. My advice is be patient but keep pushing for a diagnosis. If in the end he cannot come up with a diagnosis consider getting a second opinion.