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Has Anyone Lowered/Skipped Doses of 6MP?

Unintentionally of course. The past several months have been overwhelming that I'm too exhausted to take/cut the 25mg every other day to complete the 75mg alternating dose. So i've pretty much just been on 50mg daily with biweekly Humira for the past several months...I've been fine! Until 2 weekends ago -_ -


Can it be built back up? I've been off and on 6mp years ago...so I'm even more worried about any immunity.

Has anyone else been somewhat self-effacing and preoccupied with other things that you just slip away from your plan?

Lynda Lynda

Sea Star :

I just started taking the 6mp pill 11 days ago. 50mg tablet, 2 each morning. Still waiting for my Humira.

I have a medication schedule during the day for ALL my medications and I get all my medications ready at night for the next day because I am not as coherent in the morning as I am at night. I take psychiatric medications, so I HAVE to make sure I dont mess around with those doses. I used to work in an office, so that's probably why I am so organized.

I hope you get back on track soon. 🙂

Lynda 🌻